... the pictures are beautiful and everything arrived on time in perfect condition. I am only just now getting off an email to let you know how pleased I am. The picture of Suki originally intended for the wall in Vermont with the two larger ones is now hanging in my bedroom in DC where I am most of the time--I see it when I open my eyes in the morning. I really enjoy these pictures not just because they are of Suki and me. I enjoy them because you are a master photographer and when I look at the pictures I appreciate your artistry, the composition, etc. So, thank you again. Ruth Washington, D.C.
My experience with both of you was extremely positive and pleasant. I greatly appreciated the quality of your service and the efficiency, any delays were solely at my end. Thomas was extremely patient with allowing me to take my time viewing his photography. The program he used that enabled me to view the art on my selected walls was fabulous and I never felt any pressure to make a purchase. The whole process was seamless and I was surprised at how quickly the art work arrived at my door. Your beautiful art is already hanging on my wall for myself and my family to enjoy. Noellette - CA
We absolutely LOVE our beautiful family photo. It is hanging over our fireplace just as planned. The family portrait is a perfect addition to our home here in Texas. We are very satisfied. Thank you so much Thomas. Karen and Jan
An Idea of Price

Forty years of clients can attest to the lasting value of fine portraits for the home. 

 What else can be purchased for your home that will give you so much joy over the years? What else can be purchased for your home that will be more valuable to you with each passing year? 

Your investment for a fine portrait for the wall may be a similar amount to a piece of fine furniture for your room.  The portrait will last for generations and become a treasure you could never replace.

We know you need a general idea of what to budget, so we have listed our most popular sizes for the wall and the price ranges depending on your finish.  

The fact is, you can own a Thomas Fallon portrait for pennies a day.

Size                         Dimension         From    

Grand                      60                      4860

Standard Wall          40                      2820

Sofa                         30                      1320

Fireplace                  24                      936

Small Wall                20                      672

Decorator                 18                      495

Cameo                      14                     395

Table                         12                     295


Discounted Price Schedule Reflects 20% SAVINGS When You Order And Pay For Your Portraits At Your Premier Portrait Presentation.  Prices subject to change without notice.

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