We were thrilled with the personalized service and attention, and the quality of the piece we received. Thank you so much! Caroline TX
We had a gift certificate for a photo from Thomas that we received at a Gala. Thomas set up a webinar with him, and explained what we were interested in. Thomas showed us his photos and we were so amazed, they were gorgeous! So instead of getting one photo we ended up with two! He was so helpful showing us the photos with various frames, matting etc. Kate CT
Clothing and Colors

You will want the clothing style and color to harmonize with your room.

You will want to coordinate colors for a harmonious result.  Your first step is to decide where your portrait will hang.  You will want the clothingstyle and color to harmonize with your room.  Decide if a casual or more dressy style will be best.  Then pick colors that will blend well with the room colors. Try a simple test.  Bring the garments you?ve selected into the room where the portrait will hang.  Place them on the floor or couch.  Back away at least ten feet to get an overall view of the clothes and the room.  Does everything blend together?  Does one article of clothing ?jump out? and draw attention?  If so, try replacing it and see if that improves the look. Other questions?  Please ask them during the planning process.  We want every detail to be perfect. We put together these TEN POINTS:  

1) Solid colors always photograph best.  Stripes, plaids or patterns are distracting elements which take away from the effect of the portrait. 

2) Never mix dark colors and light.  Dress everyone in dark or everyone in light.  Never mix the two, as this will create a visual imbalance. 

3) Avoid bright colors.  These will dominate the portrait, drawing attention to the clothing and away from the faces. 

4) Long sleeves are usually best for portraits.  They allow us to create leading lines and do not compete with faces for attention. 

5) Always dress for full-length portraits, head to toe down to the shoes.  Neon colors on popular athletic shoes are terrible for portraits.  6) Avoid a trendy style which will date the portrait. 

6) Schedule hair appointments far in advance of the portrait day and never try a new style or cut for the portrait. 

7) If your children are less than cooperative on clothing, offer a compromise.  We can do the poses in the clothing you prefer, and then we will be glad to do some additional poses for them, wearing any clothing they like. 

8) Let the clothing suit the personalities.  We want the portrait to depict everyone as you?d like to remember them at this time. 

9) Keep it simple.  We want all the attention on the personalities and relationships - not on the clothing. 

10)  Make sure everything fits well.  Clothes that are too small or two big will be obvious in the portrait.


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