I just received my print. It is stunning. Thank you so much for donating to the auction so I had an opportunity to bid on this piece. Mary H
Your Portrait Session

Both standard and custom locations have their advantages.     

Should your session be at home or on location?  Would you prefer a location selected by Mr. Fallon, or do you prefer your own special place?  

Our regularly scheduled locations are some of the most beautiful areas in the country.  Even more important, they are hand-picked  for their suitability for portraiture.  Mr. Fallon knows these locations and the time of day and season of the year when the light will be best.  Schedule for any of our standard locations and you will be assured of a perfect place for portraits.

Custom locations can be a place that is special to you.  A favorite place you vacation or a place that is special to your children.  Or perhaps you?d just like a portrait in the familiar setting of your home.  Any place that holds a special sentimental attachment for your family might be a choice for a custom portrait location.

Any place that holds a special sentimental attachment for your family might be a choice for a custom portrait location. For either type session, allow one hour for the actual photography.  This is a long enough time so that we can create a great variety of images, and a short enough time that we will not lose the interest of the subjects. Expect the session to be fun.  

Our standard creation fee applies for either a custom or regularly scheduled location.  Custom locations may have a minimum order because of travel time.  This does not apply for any of our regualrly scheduled locations.  Be aware that Thomas donates many portrait sessions to charity each year.  Contact us if you would like to purchase your session at a discounted price that benefits your favorite charity.

Prepaid creation fees allow us to reserve time exclusively for you and let us dedicate our time and energy to creating the finest in portraiture for you.  Since we reserve your time and date exclusively for you, to the exclusion of other clients, creation fees are not refundable. 

Should the need arise, we are happy to reschedule a session for you, with adequate notice.  Please be aware that our trips book weeks or months in advance, so it is not usually possible to make last minute changes in date or time.  Be sure every member of the family knows how important the portraits are to you and that everyone can make a firm commitment for the day.  Creation fees are forfeited for appointments cancelled without 72 hours notice.

Your portrait session will be a great experience and the keepsakes created will last a lifetime.

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